Sooo good they just can't stop talking about it!

My cupcakes were a hit...I personally loved the lemon ones and the strawberry son and sister loved the peanut butter ones.....I will be down for a brief visit Xmas Eve and Day........would love to order more....let me know what flavors will be available so I will be prepared to order...I am hoping for Red Velvet...those were a hit with my sister in law and mom!!!!!!!" -- Joe Figueroa


"The best cupcakes I have ever tasted!!!!!!!" -- Debi Heniff-Padilla


"I ordered 2 dozen Cupcakes for my Son's College Graduation and they were such a hit, our waitress at the resturant wanted us to tip her with our Cupcakes. The Red Velvet are the BEST!!!!! The packaging was very creative as well as the decorations, Missy found little graduation decorations for the top of the cakes. Awesome." -- Michael Dowl


"Once again you hit a homerun with your sweet treats, Thank You." -- Mario T. Ross


"Missy...My wife, mother and employees all loved the cupkcakes. They all raved about the frosting and how moist the cupcakes were..Thanks again and keep up the good work!!" -- Richard Campos


"GREAT the strawberry was the favorite. Many people commented that the filling tasted like strawberry ice cream and it was delicious. Another commented that the lemon drop was like having a baby lemon meringue pie. I could write a four page review, but to sum it up the cupcakes were loved by all. I'm sure you will get some calls. :)" -- Mario T. Ross


"Thanks Missy for the beautiful and YUMMY cupcakes, they were the hit of the party!!" -- Lisa Riccobono


"Missy, your cupcakes are soooooo goooooood. We did not make it out of Nordstroms before eating some. They are the boom. I will let you know more reactions when I get them to work. If they last that long. Thanks Cousin" -- Phyliss Allen


"Hi Missy!!! I'm forever hooked on Missy's cupcake creations!!!
I have on my list of "To Do's" to send you a thank you note for the absolutely AMAZING cupcakes. They were a huge hit!!! I had many people ask me where I ordered them from. I even heard many instances where people grabbed seconds and thirds to take home. :)
I hope you had an opportunity to give the wedding coordinator your card. If you didn't get that chance, please send me some and I'll pass them along to the coordinator as well as the catering company. Also, I work for a larger publishing company in Newbury Park (SAGE). I've requested that some of your cupcakes be used for some luncheons ... We'll see if anyone takes my advice. :) Again, thank you so much!!! Best wishes!" -- Amanda Pulse


"Missy you have the BEST cupcakes!!!!!!!!!! Every Flavor is so good!!! :)" -- Rox Anne


"Now I get some credit for these. By my request for a Black Forest cupcake, my Cousin created these for me and they were so good. All the cupcakes I ordered for my staff went over so good at work. They loved every last one of them. Now I dont know which is my favorite. Lemon, aah. Cookies and Cream, yum. Black Forest, de'lis. Thanks Cousin for all your hard work." -- Phyliss Allen


"Thank you so much for the awesome cupcakes on Saturday!!! They were a big hit!!! A special thank you for making "Funfettis"...Amanda's signature cupcake ;)" -- Debi Heniff-Padilla


"These are the BEST cupcakes! The lemon and strawberry are amazing my family was crazy about them." -- Janelle Cruz


"Her cupcakes satisfy me better than my husband" -- annonymous


"Missy's cupcakes are the best I have ever eaten. I'm not just saying that cause she's my best friend either" -- Becky Quiroz-Solis


"Missy’s Cupcake Creations are the most delicious, tasty, perfect little treats for any cupcake lover! The frosting is perfect, not overly sweet. What makes these cupcakes extra special is the surprise found inside the cupcakes! I highly recommend the Peanut-Butter cupcake, Banana-caramel cupcakes! They are to die for!" -- Claudia Lopez (#1 Fan)


"Missy, Your cupcakes are one of a kind! I smile after every bite I take. I absolutely love your cupcakes." -- Leticia Escamilla


"Missy's Cupcakes are simply the best. I love every flavor. I can't just eat one. I wish I had a few now." -- Evan Swanger


"Let me just say that I am in LOVE LOVE with Missy's cupcakes!! She has a certain touch in the kitchen that makes every bite melt in your mouth! My FAV is the LEMON!!!! I want one right now just talking about it!! Missy give me a dozen!!!! You are AMAZING!!"
-- Sandi Witchell


"Missy's Cupcakes are the best out there! Just when I think I have a favorite flavor (Lemon), I try another flavor that steals the show! (Like the chocolate peanut butter)." -- Suzanne Speed


"Ive tasted the chocolate p-nut butter and the lemon, they are both great never had any cupcakes like this, you have to at least try 1 flavor , believe me you will love, she puts them in beautiful boxes and they are a great party pleaser of all ages !" -- Larrilynne Amar


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